Twitter launches a new (Updated) developer site

Its no secrete the developer content on Twitter has been a word in progress. So much so I spent a good deal of time discussing it in the book.  Well, of course, now that the book has been released, they update the thing.

Today we’re launching the new version of our Twitter Developer Site. With over 1,000,000 registered applications and 750,000 developers building on the platform today, we needed a new home to support the Twitter community better. So, we listened to everyone and gathered your ideas. The new site enhances communication channels, offers improved reference material and documentation, and will foster better interaction for everyone who visits it.

Here are links to the new sections. It’s much cleaner and you can tell from the number of posts that its just taking off now.  However, the most important changes are to the Documentation as posted earlier. The changes are not signification enough that you will feel lost.

Sorry, you need to scroll all the way down to see the list of links. I’m going to try and fix this bug in the theme later… Or just get a new theme. 🙂

  • Discussions – We need a place to talk with each other that gives us more functionality than we have now.
  • Developer Blog – The new blog provides a place to learn about important API announcements, events, tips and how-tos, case studies on great apps, product insights, and more.
  • Better Documentation – The docs have better structure and searchability and should feel more intuitive.
  • Improved Apps Management – The new app manager has a streamlined design that provides more comprehensive information for your app.
  • Enhanced Search – Powered by Apache Solr, searching the new also got a boost. We have a unified search engine with filters and expect results to be more relevant. Also, we can search the archive from our Groups mailing list.

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