Monthly Archives: June 2011

Now Apple’s updates are driving me crazy

This book has been way harder and has taken way longer to write then I ever expected.  The main reason this has taken a long time was Twitter changing and updating its API.  From when I started writing, the number of API’s have more then doubled by the time I was doing the final reviews.

Well, after the book done and going to print, there was yet one more change the messed with the book.  Apple announced that support for Twitter would be build into iOS5.  Arrgg!!  We did 2 chaps on setting up a iOS dev environment, adding an oAuth xAuth lib and making a tweet.  Now with this update, we do not need to worry about oAuth x Auth.  Now there are still good thing to learn in hour 23 and 24, especially if you are new to writing for the iOS, but I would say 1/2 of the content does not matter anymore unless you are writing something custom.

Thanks Apple and Twitter.. you guys drive us nuts.

Finally updated all my PHP code. Waiting…

Finally updated all my PHP code. Waiting on Bess to get her code together so I can upload 21-24. The book is already for sell electronically as well as pre orders for the printed book. I put a link on my regular site. . Still need to redesign the theme for this site. The book is on shelves and accessible July 28, so I still have a month to get this sorted.