Monthly Archives: April 2011

…And we’re back. Finally finished the…

…And we’re back. Finally finished the book. So much for using this site to log the writing adventure, but I think recalling back all that happened and documenting it here is still a good idea. Right now I pushed in the final edits for Hours 1 – 20. Bess Ho is working on Hours 21- 24. She has been having computer issues and experiencing the same curses I have I have been enjoying, changing specs. Seems that the iOS4 update really changed things and the same with an Android update. Fun.
Oh well, at least that part is done. Now I need to attend to this website to support readers who I’m SURE will find errors in the book, connect understand something or just questions in general.
First step? Get the source code uploaded. Now the LAST thing you want to do is simply dump the code on the site. Easy way for robots to come by and sweep everything up. No better to zip up each hours code and lets the users download it that way. So.. Guess I still have more work to do eh?